We Make Apps.

7Devs — founded by a group of passionate and professional IT specialists — is one of the few IT companies located in Ukraine that works with such a high-level outsource integration.

We provide qualified service and covering all areas of software development: iOS, Android, Web and have a bunch of professional UX\UI Design experts in our pocket. We're focused on helping global organizations and small startups to address their business challenges effectively.

Se7en Steps to Success
How we're making our clients happy?
We follow 'one team — one project' rule. This approach is the most effective way of developing your project. This way our clients have the full power of professional team at their hands. We treat your business ideas as ours, so you can be sure that every team member understands the importance of each small detail of the product.
We are devoted
We have gathered the best professionals in the country who knows what, and what's more important how to do their work, to meet our client's needs. We advise, recommend and offer the best way to implement your product idea based on the most cutting-edge and top-notch practices.
We know
what we do
At 7Devs you talk; we listen. Before our development team begins working on your project we will spend sufficient time to understand your business. Our design and development teams communicate with you often and quickly iterate on product features until you and your customers love the product we deliver.
We listen
We treat our clients as our friends, we rely on long term relationships and always propose advantageous conditions for our loyal customers.
We're friendly
Our mission is to deliver not the average products, but the best ones and do it fast at the same time. Our team spends 1~5 days deep-diving into the heart of the problems your product solves. When we are done, you receive a product strategy document and delivery plan.
We work fast
We support
You came to us with your napkin sketches — we made a beautiful product out of it, but that's not it. We're a full-lifecycle software development company, so you can expect: constantly growing and expanding functionality, scalable infrastructure, redesign according to the latest trends and support of the relevance of the code. That's all on us!
We're not cheap, but we're definitely cost-effective. We offer great rates and a systemized approach to outsourced work, so that you can concentrate on your main business activities and enjoy your life while we're doing our job.
Contact Us
(416) 352-8636
25 Sheppard Ave West Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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